New Wilmington Mission Conference

What is NWMC?

The New Wilmington Mission Conference (NWMC) is the longest-running Christian Mission focused event in the United States (115 years and counting). NWMC is intergenerational, meaning you will find programming for all ages, infants, children, students, families, youth groups, mission-minded individuals, pastors, and mission workers all have a place at the New Wilmington Mission Conference. NWMC is part church camp, it is part youth gathering, it is tradition while looking to the future, it is a place of learning, a place of fellowship, a place of growth, a place of love, the New Wilmington Mission Conference is a lot of different things to those who attend from over 30 states and 20 countries. In the end, most will tell you, NWMC is home.

Anderson Auditorium on the campus of Westminster College. Anderson Auditorium was built by the New Wilmington Mission Conference in 1955 and is owned by the Conference.

The New Wilmington Mission Conference is dedicated to helping everyone find and follow their call to the Great Commission wherever they are in life and the world.


Rev. Ginny Teitt

Director, NWMC

Rev. Virginia R. Teitt became the Director of the New Wilmington Mission Conference in November 2016.

Ginny believes that her ministry and mission opportunities over the years have prepared her for the exciting opportunity to serve as the new Director of the New Wilmington Mission Conference. She has attended NWMC since 1997 and during that time she has served in many roles, including six years on the Board of Managers, Coordinator of the Young Adult Program, and developing the post young adult GAP program, as well as exploring other outreach possibilities.

In 2003, Ginny became the Organizing Pastor of a new church in an area northwest of Columbus, Ohio. Concord Presbyterian Church was formed with a focus on mission service and many members have been inspired by time at NWMC. Ginny’s ministry outreach in the U.S. has focused on reaching out to the “unchurched” across all age groups, inviting and inspiring those seeking deeper meaning in their spiritual walk regardless of their religious background to personal spiritual transformation in Christ and engagement in local and regional mission ministries. Emphasizing the personal awakening and spiritual empowerment of “reverse missions,” Ginny has taken those she’s engaged locally and organized, led and participated in regional and global mission outreach and ministry programs throughout her life. Her international grassroots mission outreach includes experience in Ethiopia, Thailand and Indonesia, Honduras, Haiti and Mexico, a trip with WMI (World Mission Initiative) to Vietnam, as well as a visioning trip recently with pastors and mission leaders across the globe to Catania, Sicily to engage with refugees from Syria and North Africa. Ginny and the church she serves have also been active in local and national missions with a special emphasis on outreach to immigrants and refugees. She also has worked to guide, mentor and support missionaries serving in India, Costa Rica, and Liberia. 

She has served as a Perspectives Instructor, Adjunct Seminary Professor, and Chair of the Presbytery of Scioto Valley Global Missions Committee. Ginny has deep roots in missions; her parents were pioneer missionaries in Sudan and were instrumental in translating the first New Testament in the Dinka language. Growing up, missions and mission opportunities were conversations in the home as well as a profession for her father, Paris W. Reidhead, who traveled as a mission mobilizing speaker. He founded a number of Christian mission organizations to offer economic opportunities for sustainable living in countries around the globe ( being one of them).

Ginny and her husband Jim, an Environmental Consultant, have been married for 41 years and are parents to seven children. They have seven children-in-law, as well as six grandchildren, all of whom share their heart for missions and evangelism. Recognizing the challenge of the changing times, Ginny is seeking to prayerfully study and learn how we can continue the rich legacy of this unique conference while offering opportunities for new generations to respond to God’s call.

Ms. Andrea Hall

Office Manager

Mr. Don Rodgers


Mr. Tim Shelenberger

Operations Manager

Board of Managers

Rev. Dr. David Dawson

Rev. Brian Janssen

Class of 2021
Mr. Matthew Boyle
Mr. Doug Garner
Ms. Barb Gusew
Mr. Justin Manon

Class of 2022
Ms. Jessie Brooks
Ms. Renee Bronzetti
Rev. Brian Janssen
Ms. Katie Wirt

Class of 2023
Mr. Rob Bradford
Rev. Bala Khyllep
Mr. Matt Pagac
Ms. Sarah Oberbeck

Mr. Brian Stack ~ Foundation Chair
Rev. Jim Mohr ~Westminster College Liaison
Mr. Philip Woods ~ PCUSA Liaison