Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the weekly schedule?
The Conference begins on Friday with registration in the afternoon. After registration there is an opportunity to settle into your dorm.  Dinner begins at 5:00pm and the first group meeting begins as early as 6:30pm.
Formal programming concludes with Evening Meeting on Thursday around 9:00pm, although the social programs and small groups still continue to meet after this time.  Participants are invited to stay in the dorms on Thursday night so that they may get a good night's sleep before traveling home on Friday.  We do ask that you plan to move out of the dorms by 8:00am on the final Friday of the conference to allow our staff to checkout the dorms and make their departures at a reasonable time.
  • What is the daily schedule?
The daily schedule at NWMC is packed full of opportunities to study Scripture, interact with missionaries, and have times of fellowship and rest.  Each program area has tailored its schedule to best meet the needs of its participants.  We encourage you to review the schedule for each group on their program information page.   Please note that meetings are held all over the campus, and so there is quite a bit of walking, including some hills.
  • How can I defray my costs?
There are several ways to help manage the costs of attending the New Wilmington Mission Conference.
    * Group Discount - Participants coming with other individuals from their church may find that registering as a group of 10 or more secures the best price.  When registering as a group each individual saves $25 off of their registration price, and the group leader may come for free.
     * Family Discount - Nuclear families of four or more (parent and children, or grandparents and children with a maximum of two generations) can reduce their cost by $25/person.  The service scholarship is also encouraged to help defray the costs.
     * Staff Positions - for adults, there are a limited number of staff positions available. Please apply using this form, and someone will be in touch with you.   
     * Mission Service Discount - A limited number of $120 scholarships are available for participants willing to engage in Christ-centered mission and service work in their own communities.  Those who wish to receive this scholarship are asked to volunteer 10 hours of their time, complete the application here, and return it by the deadline to the NWMC Office.  Once your application has been received, reviewed, and approved, the scholarship will be applied to your account.  If you have any questions, please contact the NWMC Office.
    * Scholarships - There are some additional scholarship funds available for those in need and those who are international guests. You can find a scholarship form available here. Please contact the director, Ginny Teitt, to discuss the details of these scholarships.
   * Mission Guest Program - NWMC extends an invitation for full-time mission workers to attend the mission  conference as our guests for a time of rest, rejuvenation, connection, and learning. Your stories and testimonies are important to the life of NWMC, and we want to honor the work that you are doing.  If you currently serve as a full-time mission worker and would like to attend NWMC in this capacity, please e-mail us for more information.
  • Can I attend with a youth group?
Yes!  Many churches bring their entire youth and college-aged groups with them to the New Wilmington Mission Conference. Participants are split into their age-appropriate program groups, with those finishing 6-8th grade being housed with the Middle School program, those having completed 9th-12th grades being housed with the High School program, and those who are one year out of High School through age 24 being housed with the Young Adult program. Within each program, students are further split among small groups, giving them a chance to meet and interact with other students from around the country. There are also opportunities throughout the day for youth groups to meet together.
  • As a student, can I attend on my own?
Yes! A number of students attend without their youth groups, some with their families, and some as the only representative from their church. Students are assigned to the program that fits their age  are housed with that group. All of our student programs (Middle School, High School, and Young Adult) operate on a small group model that assigns students to a cluster of other participants, some of whom will have come with a youth group, and some who did not.
  • What should I pack?
The following are items that are  necessary for you to enjoy NWMC:
              Clothing for a variety of weather situations - warm and humid days, cooler nights, rain
              Alarm Clock
              Bed Linens (Mattresses are Twin XL)
              Bath Toiletries
              Notebook and Pen
              Air mattress or portable crib for small children attending with you
              Shoes that are comfortable for walking
              Swim suit - for optional swimming at the college's indoor pool
  • What is the dress code?
Casual and comfortable dress is appropriate for the New Wilmington Mission Conference. Meetings and events are held both outdoors and indoors, and in both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned locations. Additionally, the weather in western Pennsylvania in the summer can be unpredictable. You should plan for a variety of temperatures, including cool nights and warm, sometimes humid days. 

It is also a NWMC tradition to attend the evening meetings and Sunday Morning's worship "cleaned up." Some participants prefer to be dressier in the evening and on Sunday morning than during the other days of the Conference. This may include dresses, skirts, and collared polo-type shirts. However, dressing up is optional, and we invite everyone who attends NWMC to dress in such a way to feel comfortable.

We do hope that every participant at NWMC will dress in a way that is honoring to themselves and the Lord, taking into account the cultural sensitivities of other attenders.
  • What are the accommodations?
NWMC participants are housed in the dorms on the campus of Westminster College.  NWMC divides the available living spaces into adult dorms, family dorms, and student dorms specific to each program area - Middle School, High School, and Young Adult.  Families will be housed in the same room, with small children staying on an air-mattress or in a portable crib. (Families should plan to provide these.) Those participating in the student programs will be housed with their age groups. Participants may request a roommate or one will be assigned to them.
  • What are the dorm rooms like?
The dorm rooms at Westminster College are very basic. They contain 2 twin XL beds and mattresses, along with a dresser or closet and a desk. There are no linens provided, so you will need to provide your own sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels. For guests who are traveling a great distance or who are flying, these items can be reserved for a nominal fee through the NWMC Office. Reservations for linens must be received by July 1st.

A very small  number of the adult dorm rooms are air-conditioned, but most of the dorms are not. For your comfort, you may want to bring a fan and an extension cord.

The bathrooms in the dorms are community bathrooms. There are individual shower and toilet stalls, but the bathrooms are shared among all of the participants on a hall.

There are free laundry facilities available in each dorm building, however, you should plan to provide your own laundry soap.  
  • Will I have a roommate?
Yes. You may request a roommate or one will be assigned to you. With the exception of families staying together, please only request one roommate. Married couples are invited to stay in the family and adult dorms together. Roommates are assigned from within the same program. (Middle School students with Middle School students, adults with adults, etc.)
  • Are there any accommodations for those with mobility issues?
Yes! A few of the dorms feature first-floor accommodations. You will need to communicate your needs to the office at the time of your registration. Additionally, NWMC runs a shuttle to each Morning and Evening meeting, and other meetings as the need arises. For the schedule and pick-up locations, or if you have particular mobility concerns that you would like to discuss in advance of arriving at NWMC, please contact the NWMC office. Our staff will be glad to help you.

For those for whom dorm-living presents a challenge, several local hotels which are within a 20 minute drive are prepared to offer a discounted rate for the week.  Find out more information here, and inquire with the NWMC Office for more details.  
  • Is there internet access?
Yes! Wi-Fi access will be available for all registered New Wilmington Mission Conference Participants. The name and password to access this service will be provided at registration.

  • Are students allowed to leave campus or ride in vehicles during the Conference?

It is our expectation that Middle School, High School, and Young Adults registered for the Conference in a full-time capacity be on campus for the Conference in its entirety.  Exceptions for part-time jobs, sports schedules, and other needs to leave campus should be presented by the student's parents, and approved by the student's coordinator.  Similarly, Middle School, High School, and Young Adult participants are not permitted to ride in automobiles during the Conference except with advanced parental permission and the approval of their coordinator.