Packing LIst

The following are items that are  necessary for you to enjoy NWMC:
              Clothing for a variety of weather situations - warm and humid days, cooler nights, rain
              Alarm Clock
              Fan (box fans tend to be the most effective)
              Bed Linens and Pillow (Mattresses are Twin XL)
              Towels for bathing and for swimming
              Bath Toiletries (it is also helpful to have a container or caddy to carry your bath items in)


                            Soap or Body Wash



                            Shower Shoes (optional) 

              Grooming supplies as needed


                            Hair Dryer (optional) 

              Notebook and Pen
              Air mattress or portable crib for small children attending with you
              Shoes that are comfortable for walking and active experiences; closed-toed tennis shoes may be required for some activities

              Swim suit - the college pool is available for NWMC participants

              Refillable water bottle (highly recommended) 

              Snacks and beverages for in your room (refrigeration is not available in the dorms, so bring non-pershiable snacks and single-serve beverages) 

              Cash for the NWMC Bookstore, coffee vendors, and incidentals.  

Dress code

Casual and comfortable dress is appropriate for the New Wilmington Mission Conference.  Meetings and events are held both outdoors and indoors, and in both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned locations.  Additionally, the weather in western Pennsylvania in the summer can be unpredictable.  You should plan for a variety of temperatures, including cool nights and warm, sometimes humid days.  Many of our programs, especially the youth tracks, are active.  Students should bring active-wear clothing that allow them to be comfortable participating.

Meetings are spread throughout the rolling hills of Westminster College's campus, and so attendance at NWMC involves a significant amount of walking.  Shoes should be comfortable and practical for strolling the campus and the town of New Wilmington.  Some activities may require closed-toed shoes.  

It is also a NWMC tradition to attend the evening meetings and Sunday Morning's worship "cleaned up."  Some participants prefer to be dressier in the evening and on Sunday morning than during the other days of the Conference.  This may include dresses, skirts, and collared polo-type shirts.  However, dressing up is optional, and we invite everyone who attends NWMC to dress in such a way to feel comfortable.

We do hope that every participant at NWMC will dress in a way that is honoring to themselves and the Lord, taking into account the cultural sensitivities of other attenders.


NWMC participants are housed in the dorms on the campus of Westminster College, and you will want to bring items that will make your stay more comfortable.  

  • Many of the dorms are not air-conditioned and so a fan will make your stay more pleasant.
  • Families staying together with small children should plan to bring an air mattress or portable crib.
  • Most of the dorms have community bathrooms.  You may want to bring a bag or caddy to help carry your bathroom items.
  • There are no linens provided, so you will need to provide your own sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels.  For guests who are traveling a great distance or who are flying, these items can be reserved for a nominal fee.  If you wish to reserve linens, please contact the NWMC Office by July 1st. 
  • Laundry facilities are available in each dorm at no cost, but you will need to provide your own detergent and softener.