Registration Fees

Registration Fee Structure        Age Group Descriptions        Luggage Carrier JoB Description       Dining Hall WOrker Job Description

We hope that you will plan to join us for the New Wilmington Mission Conference.  The chart below represents the current fee structure. The cost includes all housing, meals, and programming.  There is also a $1,600 family maximum for families residing at the same address. 

A description of each age group can be found by scrolling down past the chart. Young Adults and High School Students are invited to work in the Dining Hall to help defray their costs. M Students are invited to be luggage carriers.  More details about these programs can be found in our FAQ's and in the information specific to each age group.

Age Group Descriptions

  • Adult - This program is appropriate for adults of all ages with an interest in mission work at home and abroad.
  • GAP - This Gradual Adult Program is designed for recent college graduates and professionals beginning their careers.  GAP specifically targets “20 and 30-somethings” as a way to bridge the gap between the Young Adult and the Adult program. 
  • Young Adults - This program targets those who are college-aged.  Individuals who are one year out of High School but are not yet 24 years old will be housed with the Young Adult Program.   
  • High School - The High School program includes those who have completed 9th grade through those who have graduated from high school.
  • Middle School - Students who have completed 6th-8th grade are part of the Middle School program. 
  • Juniors - Students who have completed 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade.
  • Primaries - Students who are entering Kindergarten through having completed 2nd grade.
  • Preschoolers - Children ages 3-4 are invited to participate in this group.
  • Infants/Toddlers- Children under 3 years old.  ~  There is no charge for infants and toddlers who are not using childcare. If a family plans to make use of the childcare for their infant or toddler, a separate fee will apply.

Luggage Carriers

Middle School students may receive a $50 reduction in their cost by serving as luggage carriers.  Luggage carriers will arrive and register early on the first Saturday of the Conference and then assist families and older participants with moving their luggage into their dorms.  Similarly, on the final Friday of the conference, luggage carriers will be asked to assist older adults and families with moving out.   Those participating must be sure that they will be present on both the first and the last full day of the Conference to take advantage of this offer.   There are only a limited number of positions available, so those hoping to be luggage carriers are encouraged to apply early.

Dining Hall Workers

High School Students and Young Adult participants are invited to work in the Dining Hall in order to help offset the costs of attending NWMC. 

Dining hall workers are asked to work either all of the lunch meals or all of the dinner meals, and will also be assigned to two of the breakfast meals.  Students report to the dining hall 30 minutes before their shift begins so that they may eat with the rest of the dining hall staff.  At the posted meal time the shift begins, and workers are asked to do a variety of jobs.  Tasks could include seating and assisting dining hall guests, busing tables, working in the dish room, or serving food.  Some of these jobs require long pants and closed-toed shoes, so students working in the dining hall should plan accordingly as they pack for the conference.

Dining Hall workers should be prepared to arrive, register, and move in to their dorms in advance of the 3:00pm orientation meeting on the first day of the Conference. Workers should also plan to be present for the entire Conference in order to take advantage of this program. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve others, and we are pleased to offer a way to help control the costs of attending.

There are only a limited number of Dining Hall positions available, so students hoping to take advantage of this discount should plan to register early.