Special Mission Education Opportunities

Each day at NWMC there are opportunities to engage further with various Mission Organizations and Networks.  There is no charge for these special events.

Mission Lunches

Mission Lunches are held during lunch service at 12:45pm and feature the opportunity to hear more from some of the missions represented at NWMC in a more intimate setting.  There is no cost to attend these presentations.  Those who are not registered for the Conference may purchase their lunch in the Dining Hall or provide their own food.  Lunch is included for those who are registered.

Network Meetings

Various Mission Networks come together at NWMC for fellowship, teaching, and to introduce their networks to those who are interested in learning more.  These network meetings are open to anyone.

  • Niger Network
  • Iraq Partnership Network ~ Monday July 24th -Tuesday July 25th  (click here for details)
  • Sudan and South Sudan Learning Opportunity ~ Tuesday July 25th 2:00pm-4:00pm ~ Berlin Lounge

CultureLink, Inc.

CULTURELink provides practical training and resources to enable churches, mission organizations, and corporations to impact others as they effectively serve in cross-cultural settings. CULTURELink trains and prepares individuals, team leaders, and team members to successfully integrate into new cultural environments. Whether moving to another country long term or visiting short term in order to provide disaster relief (earthquakes, floods), correct social injustices (illiteracy, sex trafficking), meet physical needs (AIDS, hunger, housing, medical) or expand and develop Christian ministries (church planting, discipleship programs), CULTURELink enhances cross-cultural effectiveness. CULTURELink emphasizes personal discipleship as well as ministry preparation as we:  

* Equip through seminars and resources.

* Educate through consulting.

* Expose through short-term trips.

Middle School and High School students will have the opportunity to experience this training as a part of their programming each afternoon, Monday-Friday from 1:30om-3:00pm.  Young Adults, GAP, and Adult participants will also be able to take part in this coaching experience on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:30pm-5:00pm.  

Learn HOW to go before you go by participating in this special programming.


Discover more here.

Other Opportunities

  • Mission Display ~ Sunday July 23rd 1:30pm-4:30pm ~ Andrew J. McKelvey Student Center.  (click here for details)
  • Summer Service Team Photos and Reflections ~ Tuesday July 25th 9:15pm ~ Orr Auditorium
  • Missionary Dinner ~ Wednesday July 26th ~ Lakeside Dining Room ~ by invitation only.  Please contact the office for details.
  • Missionary Cookie Reception ~ Wednesday July 26th ~ TUB Dining Hall in the Andrew J. McKelvey Student Center