Morning Meeting

The Morning Meeting Speaker addresses the Conference each day, Monday through Friday, from 11:00am-12:00 noon as the whole conference gathers for inter-generational worship.  

  • Shane Bennett

    Shane Bennett is no stranger to the New Wilmington Mission Conference, having addressed the Conference in an evening meeting in 2017 and serving as the Morning Meeting Speaker in 2011.  

    Shane has served in missions mobilization since 1987, much of his energy going to  recruiting, training, and sending short-term teams. He’s been on research teams in Bangkok, Bombay and Turkey. He coauthored Exploring the Land, a guide to researching unreached peoples, and has written numerous articles.

    “I’m an ordinary guy. I began school planning to be a pastor, but through a number of people and events, God focused my calling on missions, specifically catalyzing efforts for the world’s most under-evangelized peoples. After 20 years of barely venturing beyond the borders of Indiana, God began bouncing me around the world. In each place my objective has been, with a team of people, to discover how the church might be established where it hasn’t yet.”

    “I now work as a speaker and writer for Frontiers, a sharp organization focused on extending God’s blessing in the Muslim world. I live to help people who love Jesus connect with people who’ve never heard of him.”

    “I think the key message that God has given me to say is that missions is important because of who God is. It’s all about him. Missions certainly, but also the rest of life. His glory is paramount.”

Evening Speakers

Each evening at the New Wilmington Mission Conference, all participants gather for inter-generational worship from 6:45pm-8:00pm.  Each meeting features a different presenter telling how God is moving in ministries and missions around the world.  Additionally, the Sunday morning gathering invites a different person to present the Good News.

  • Yonas Yigezu

    Monday July 24, 2018

    President of Mekane Yesus