Young Adult Program


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The Young Adult program at NWMC is centered around three principles: discipleship, prayer, and discernment…all for the purpose of serving Christ in the ways and places we are called to serve! The leadership’s desire is for the young adult participants to grow deeper in their faith through prayer, worship, discussion, and encountering a wide circle of people who love to teach and share about God’s mission in the world. Fun, food, and fellowship round out our program—including the infamous slip-n-slide, countless games of “Spoons” and video games in the lounge…not to mention the nightly “Chill on the Hill” buffet after the Evening Meeting. The Young Adult Staff members are committed to praying for the participants and are there to listen, encourage, and help with everything from questions about vocation to theology to relationships to culture to social justice. The staff is comprised of pastors, professionals, lay leaders, grad students, retirees, and seminary students who all have a passion to minister to this age group.

  • Morning Gathering - The Young Adults begin every morning with worship.  At the morning gathering, there are often “energizers” to get students moving, including the rock-paper-scissors tournament of champions! One of the NWMC Mission Staff then takes time to talk to the group in a Q&A format. This enables the young adults to ask more about what their life is like as a missionary. The featured speaker for the week then shares for 45 minutes to an hour, often focusing on the week’s Theme Verse.
  • Free Time - Young Adults have the entire afternoon free! And once again this year, there will be Mission and Recreation options. Young Adults can also  participate in pick-up games (soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball), swimming at the recreation center, workshops/speakers, grabbing a bite at Mugsies or Pizza Joe’s, shopping for fairly and ethically traded goods at the Silk Road Market, and more! Students can always take a nap, meet with a staff member, or enjoy the campus of Westminster College.
  • Vespers -  Evening Vespers is truly unique as the Young Adults take opportunities for worship, reflection, and focused time for mission education and discernment. We meet in small groups with members of the Mission Staff in Hillside Lobby. On Thursday night, the Young Adults have a prayer night – with an extended time of prayer and worship, including prayer stations, anointing, and one-on-one prayer ministry with several of the staff members.
  • Chill On the Hill - One of the highlights of being a young adult is Chill on the Hill every night in the dorm lobby! With a food theme every night, the young adults get to come together over tacos, pancakes, or even a root beer keg! Things get competitive over the board games or pool table, but there’s always lots of laughter and good music. Many of the week’s speakers and missionaries will come to share in the fun.  (Young Adult participants are asked to contribute $20.00 towards the cost of Chill on the Hill.  This will be collected in the dorm.)
  • Small Groups - Each young adult will be assigned to a small group, consisting of 4-8 other delegates, and led by a staff member. This time is truly formative, as this is set up as a time for confidential sharing, processing of the themes/topics, and encouraging one another in their faith journey.

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7:15am - Breakfast (full breakfast is served in the dining hall.  Small breakfast items are available in the Young Adult Dorm.) 
8:45am - 10:45am - Morning Gathering

11:00am - Morning Meeting

12:30pm - Lunch
1:00pm-5:00pm - Free Time w/Mission and Recreation Options

5:00pm - Dinner

6:45pm - Vespers

7:45pm - Evening Meeting

9:15pm - Chill on the Hill

11:00pm - Curfew

2:00am - In Room Curfew

Mission Service Scholarship

A limited number of $120 scholarships are available for participants willing to engage in Christ-centered mission and service work in their own communities.  Those who wish to receive this scholarship are asked to volunteer 10 hours of their time, complete the application here, and return it by the deadline to the NWMC Office.  Once your application has been received, reviewed, and approved, the scholarship will be applied to your account.  If you have any questions, please contact the NWMC Office.