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The High School program at NWMC is shaped in a way that moves students toward introspection, community, missional understanding, worship, and mission in action, all while providing an exciting environment where relationships can be developed. The community that is formed as students live, grow, and learn together is a place of discipleship, worship and fun! For many high school participants, this program becomes one of the most valuable and transforming weeks of their summer, and many want to come back year after year.

Each day, students are invited to connect to God through personal devotions, connect to each other during large group activities and small group discussions, and to experience first-hand what God is doing in the world by participating in hands-on mission projects. "Morning Show" gives time for fun and fellowship before providing  students with an opportunity to meet in small groups with missionaries who have spent years in the mission field both here in the United States and in locations around the world. Later in the day, "Big Show" is a time of study and discipleship, and "Side Show" provides for social activities and friendly competitions.
Students are assigned to small groups led by a counselor who facilitates discussions and supervises activities for the week. Because of this format, the NWMC High School program is appropriate both for students who come as a part of a Youth Group, and those who come on their own. Youth leaders and pastors may participate in the High School Program large group gatherings, and they are also encouraged to participate in other aspects of the programming for their own age groups, allowing youth workers to both connect with their students, and also use the time at NWMC for their own spiritual growth.

If you have questions about the High School Program, please feel free to email the coordinators.


7:15am - Breakfast

8:20am -10:45am - Morning Devotions. Morning Show, Small Group

                                   and Mission Study.

11:00am - Morning Meeting

12:30pm - Lunch

2:00pm - Mission Experience

3:00pm - Free Time

5:00pm - Dinner

6:45pm -Evening Meeting

8:15pm - Big Show

9:15pm - Side Show

10:30pm - Curfew


High School Students are invited to work in the Dining Hall in order to help offset the costs of attending NWMC. 

Dining hall workers are asked to work either all of the lunch meals or all of the dinner meals, and will also be assigned to two of the breakfast meals.  Students report to the dining hall 30 minutes before their shift begins so that they may eat with the rest of the dining hall staff.  At the posted meal time the shift begins, and workers are asked to do a variety of jobs.  Tasks could include seating and assisting dining hall guests, busing tables, working in the dish room, or serving food.  Some of these jobs require long pants and closed-toed shoes, so students working in the dining hall should plan accordingly as they pack for the conference.

Dining Hall workers should be prepared to arrive, register, and move in to their dorms in advance of the 3:00pm orientation meeting on the first day of the Conference. Workers should also plan to be present for the entire Conference in order to take advantage of this program. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve others, and we are pleased to offer a way to help control the costs of attending.

There are only a limited number of Dining Hall positions available, so students hoping to take advantage of this discount should plan to register early.