Infants and Toddlers

infant room            tips for bringing infants and toddlers to NWMC

The New Wilmington Mission Conference offers Christ-centered child care in the well-appointed nursery of the New Wilmington Presbyterian Church. This service is offered from 8:30am until 12:15pm while parents attend Bible Hour, Mission Hour, and the Morning Meeting. It is available again in the evening from 6:30pm until 9:15pm so that parents can attend the Evening Meeting and Vespers. 

The smallest attenders of NWMC are well cared for as they interact with loving adults and receive age-appropriate Bible lessons and playtime. More than babysitting, child care for infants and toddlers is a ministry to our youngest participants so that they too will grow in their love and understanding of Christian missions.


Infant Room

Birth to 18 months
Ages 6 months -  18 months
Caregivers read stories and sing Bible songs to children, do finger plays, provide small snacks as appropriate, and allow for nap time, and playtime.

Toddler Room
Ages 1 & 2 years
Caregivers share stories, songs, and create structured playtime both inside and outdoors.  Children may also begin learning to recite the NWMC theme verse every day.  The childcare program provides a snack, and encourages little ones to participate in a simple prayer during this time.

Tips for Bringing Infants and Toddlers to NWMC

Here are some things you may want to bring to NWMC to make it the best possible experience for you and your baby.

  • Stroller - the campus of Westminster College is expansive and features many hills.  A stroller is helpful in getting little ones around.
  • Portable crib or air mattress - families stay together in one dorm room.
  • Portable highchair or booster seat - the college dining halls do not have highchairs available.
  • Sippy Cups and age-appropriate utensils - the college does not provide these things.
  • Baby monitor - many parents enjoy social gatherings in the halls or lobbies of their dorm, even after children are asleep.  A monitor will allow you to enjoy these gatherings while still listening for your child.
  • Parents of infants and toddlers should plan to bring a filled bottle or sippy-cup to the child care program with them.  They are also welcome to bring any special blankets or "loveys" that would make their child's stay more comfortable.