Middle School

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Middle School is a time of transition. Students are often caught in between childhood and becoming a young adult - it can be a confusing time of mixed emotions, mixed signals, and mixed expectations. The NWMC Middle School Program is designed to meet students where they are and to walk with them as they encounter the world and begin to define and discern the questions that face all of us: who are we?, why we are here?, what does any of this mean?, and what do I believe?  

We begin with a loving community that welcomes questions, celebrates energy and enthusiasm and challenges these young people to live into the lives that God is calling them to now, not just as they prepare for the future. During the week, we will laugh, play, sing, learn, stretch and grow together as we seek to hear God speaking in and through Scripture, speakers, missionaries, and each other.

Each day, students will be invited to connect to God and each other through a variety of activities and experiences. The day begins with personal 'quiet time' with God during morning devotions. During LABS, we experiment with what we have been learning about our faith by putting it into action through a variety of different interactive elements. This is also when we get to hear about what God is doing around the world from first-hand accounts of missionaries from all over our country and the world.

After lunch, there is time spent in activity, in the form of both large group games and mission experiences, as well as a variety of options for free time. After dinner, we gather for a time of worship and reflection as we hear from our speaker for the week. Each night ends with "Side Show,"  a time for fun, fellowship and a variety of activities (Singing bee, talent show, etc.). We then close each night with a time of discussion in small groups led by our counselors. 

The Middle School Program invites students who have completed 6th grade through those having completed 8th grade to come and join them for a week of fun. While some students in the Middle School program attend with their parents, many come on their own as a representative of their church, and some come with their youth group.

Middle School students are housed in an age-specific dorm where they are placed in small groups with their peers and led by a counselor.

Please take note of the packing list


  7:15am - Breakfast

  8:15am - Morning Devotions

  9:45am - Lab and Mission Study

11:00am - Morning Meeting

12:30pm - Lunch

  1:00pm - Mission Experience and Big Group Games

  3:30pm - Free Time

  5:00pm - Dinner

  6:30pm - Bible Hour

  7:45pm - Evening Meeting

  9:15pm - Side Show

10:15pm - Curfew