SOcial Options

While each day at NWMC is packed with opportunities to learn, grow, and be challenged, there are also ample opportunities for relaxation and fellowship.  Each afternoon and evening holds free time where optional programs are offered.  In addition to the various Mission Education opportunities, there are also social gatherings available for the various age groups.

Afternoon Options

The Spot

The Spot offers games, coloring, crafts, sports, and various hang-out activities.  Although all are welcome, The Spot is especially designed to help Middle School, High School, and Young Adult participants have a place to connect.  If you find yourself on your own, stop by the Spot to see who's there.

Evening Options

Sideshow ~ Middle and High School

Sideshow is a fun way to unwind after a long day!  Each evening the Middle School and High School students gather for fun, music, and games.  Make sure to stop by to see what is going on.  (Middle School student will be dismissed 10 minutes before their curfew.  Sideshow will end shortly before the High School curfew.) 

Chill on the Hill  ~ College Aged Young Adults

Chill on the Hill offers a place for Young Adult participants to hang out and connect with fellow students and program leadership.  This time together offers a food theme each night.  The Young Adults get to come together over tacos, pancakes, or even a root beer keg! Things get competitive over the board games or pool table, but there’s always lots of laughter and good music. Many of the week’s speakers and missionaries will come to share in the fun.  

College Aged participants are asked to contribute $20.00 towards the cost of Chill on the Hill to be collected in the dorm.

GAP ~ Young Adults in the Gradual Adult Track

The GAP Social allows time for 20 and 30 somethings who are transitioning from schooling and training programs into professional careers, ministries, and mission calls to spend time together talking about the various life settings in which they find themselves.  All are welcome to stop by for fellowship and discussion.  


Each evening features opportunities for adult participants to enjoy each other's company and share some snacks after a long day.  Stop by and get to know some of your fellow Conference attendees.