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Francesca Nuzzolese

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We are excited to welcome Francesca Nuzzolese back to NWMC.  Dr. Nuzzolese led one of the Adult Mission Studies in 2019, and we are excited to hear from her.

Francesca Nuzzolese is a pastoral theologian, psychotherapist and trauma care consultant.  Her life-work and experience span over a variety of cultural, geographical and denominational contexts, with critical competencies in cross-cultural teaching, training, and psychotherapeutic practice. Her chief vocational commitment is to create educational and therapeutic spaces, where individuals and communities can experience growth and fulfillment, healing and wholeness. She has two decades of experience teaching in higher education, training and consulting with NGOs on trauma care, and counseling individuals and communities in vulnerable predicaments.  She is a speaker known world-wide, presenting on a variety of topicsincluding Spirituality and Social Justice, Reconciliation, Approaches to Prayer, Theology of Mission, Peace and Justice, Pastoral and Mystical Theology, Re-humanization, Trauma Care, Human (sex and labor) Trafficking, Immigration and Dislocation, Cross-cultural Counseling and Education, and the Global Trauma Zone.